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Dalvin Josias Sejour, is an Entrepreneur & Software Engineer. He started from humble beginnings in the Township of Irvington, NJ where he came to his own. After navigating his environment, he stayed local and went to Montclair State University in his undergrad, where he majored in Information Technology (IT), minored in Business, and Comp Sci.

After graduating from Montclair State University, Dalvin had various stints at different companies, where he finally got his big break as a Software Engineer at Stitch Fix, a company that marries the intersection between art, technology and data science. Dalvin is currently a Software Engineer at dutchie, where he builds tools that supports dispensaries. Dalvin has many side hustles. On the side Dalvin, operates a web design agency by the name of Dalvin Digital Design, where he serves various clients and provide digital marketing services for a reasonable price.

To find out more about what Dalvin is up to, checkout his initiatives.

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